Aesthetics. Durability. Cost-savings. Peace of mind. What more could you ask for from your roofing and siding material? Insist on the best. Insist on Qualiform Metals products!


Qualiform Metals was founded on a promise to our customers that we will manufacture and deliver only the highest-quality custom metal roofing and siding products to meet the needs and exceed the expectations of those whom we serve. Innovation, customer service, integrity, unsurpassed quality, and quick delivery remain the principles that drive every facet of our company. We earnestly seek to partner with and grow alongside our customers, and we believe that by working together we can a build lasting relationships that enable us to stay on the cutting edge of the rapidly growing construction and roofing industry.

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We Provide Lasting Protection & Surprising Value

Today, more than ever, homeowners are looking for lasting investments. Would you buy a house if the walls needed to be replaced every 15 to 20 years? Of course not. So doesn’t it make sense to invest in a roofing system that’s not only beautiful but carries a 40-year warranty as well?

That’s why more homeowners than ever are turning to a far more permanent roofing system than what traditional asphalt shingles have to offer, and that solution is found in metal roofing. We invite you to explore the clear advantages of metal roofing and learn why metal has become the fastest-growing category of roofing, and why a Qualiform Metals roof offers the best value to today’s well-informed homeowner.


Our Products are Beautifully Efficient

While looks certainly aren’t everything, let’s face it—nobody wants an ugly roof. Fortunately for the aesthetic-minded homeowner, a Qualiform Metals roof will satisfy even the most discriminating of tastes. We offer a vast array of colors to choose from, with several style options to ensure that your home is as beautiful on the outside as it is on the inside.

But the beauty of a Qualiform Metals roof doesn’t stop with mere aesthetic appeal. The average life of a non-metal roof is about 17 years. Asphalt shingles can require re-roofing every 15 to 20 years, in some conditions even sooner. Our metal roofing systems provide unmatched durability, lasting 2 to 3 times longer than conventional roofing materials. With longevity like this, the chances are good that a Qualiform Metals roof will be the last roof you’ll ever install on your home.


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